Lucy O'Bryan has been Communications Director at Absolute Options since its founding in 2011. In this position she supports people and organizations around the world to raise awareness and mobilize effective campaigns for social and policy change in a broad range of education, humanitarian assistance, human rights and democratization issues, employing tools such as short documentary films and new social media. Lucy’s technical specializations include project development and evaluation, education, outreach, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement to extend and intensify the impact of AO projects. She also has expertise in the areas of school feeding, female education, modern day slavery and human trafficking.


Lucy has supported AO projects with a wide variety of governments and organizations, including the Cameroonian Ministry of Education, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Counterpart International, Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, the Lao Ministry of Education, and Mercy Corps. Her achievements include works on education, human trafficking, and labor conditions, as well as support for initiatives in the agriculture and water sectors.


Prior to AO, Ms. O’Bryan served as a communications and outreach consultant for a variety of organizations, including the Refuge, Habitat for Humanity, LA Loves, and Sasane. Ms. O’Bryan’s regional field experience includes Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America. She is also owner and operator of Lucy O’Bryan Photography ( and Mariposa Productions.