Public-Private Partnership

Absolute Options leads the design and implementation of social impact investments and creative investment partnerships in sectors such as water and water service delivery, coffee and cacao agroforestry systems investment, smallholder dairy sector development, cashew processing, and ICT4D.  Absolute Options also provides strategic advice to social impact fund managers to better target investment capital that maximizes the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. Projects to date have included market and value chain studies, financial feasibility analyses, fund structuring, capitalization of social impact funds, design of fund governance structures and technical assistance facilities, and fund implementation assistance. 

Absolute Options also engages with external private and development bank financial institutions in order to attract external investment, increase the impact of initial seed capital, and to mitigate client risk. By linking development clients to private sector companies interested in responsible procurement, securing sustainable supply chains, and contributing to global development issues such as women’s empowerment, AO’s recent work has facilitated participation of companies such as Walmart, Syngenta and the Syngenta Foundation, Pioneer Seeds, CostCo, Coca Cola, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Airtel Uganda, and Mcel (Mozambique).


Water Finance in Central America


Since August 2013, AO has been working with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to study the feasibility and design of a facility to finance water services in Central America. This initiative replaces donor-funded water projects with sustainable technical assistance and finance by linking water service providers with private sector technical support services and water system funding. For more information click here.